Webinar: How to Live an Extraordinary Life

StuffGradsLike is hosting our first-ever webinar!!

I recently wrote an article that went a little viral. It was called “Living an Extraordinary Life Means Giving Up a Normal One.”

Since being read over 16,000 times in the past few days, dozens of individuals have spoken up about living an extraordinary life.

“Thank you so much for this article. Not only was in inspiring and well written, but it was fun to read and a great reminder of the sacrifices we have to make sometimes.” -Aviva W.

“Great article, Anthony. Six years ago I left my profession as a neurosurgeon to fulfill my lifelong passion of becoming a storyteller. But before that I had to go through every bit of those three fears that you have so eloquently stated.” -Swati C.

But this one really got me thinking:

“But who is to say exactly what is the extraordinary life? What is pleasing and extraordinary to one may be boring and miserable to another.” -Randy C.

True. Living an “extraordinary life” means something different for everyone.

Still, I have found there are 5 characteristics of being extraordinary that are common to everyone:

1. You must constantly be improving yourself.

2. You must leave the comfort and security of the “majority.”

3. Your days must be filled with only your core essentials that mean everything to you.

4. You must be unapologetically committed to your values.

5. You must only follow your specific definition of success – no one else’s.

I’ve decided to expand on these topics a little more in StuffGradsLike’s first-ever live webinar!

There will be two separate (both live) times to join the webinar:

Thursday, July 13th at 4:00pm PST

Friday, July 14th at 3:00pm PST

Space is limited, so sign up today.

As a bonus:

Every attendee will get a free chapter from my eBook Buyer’s Remorse: The Life You Thought You Wanted After College.

Thanks! See you guys next week. In the meantime, check out these articles that have also gotten a lot of engagement:

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Take care.


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  1. Kevin Hoelscher says:

    I agree with all five of those Anthony. I think ‘constantly learning’ is also a good thing to focus on.

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