5 Ways to Be The People’s Champion of Summer (Before It’s Too Late)

Ave Caesar!Summer can be lame. Especially if you work a lot.

Great weather? Too bad you’re in a cubicle. Oh, cool concert? Yeah, it’s on Monday night, and I have to wake up early. Lame.

Worse still, no one does anything it. The complain, they sit around, they watch Netflix, then next thing you know, the nice weather is over and it’s back to regular complaining, same as usual.

Not this summer. Do these 5 things and become The People’s Champion of Summer before it’s too late.

1. Make a Weekly We’re-Doing-This-Cool-Thing Night 

There are some bomb $3 margaritas, delicious $2 tacos, and decent $1 domestic beer places in your city, and everyone wants to go. The problem? No one organizes it and every week you miss out on some delicious cheap deals with friends.

Solution? Make the night. Find the best deals, and MAKE THE NIGHT. Taco Tuesdays, Wednesday-Mensday’s, Thirsty Thursdays…everyone’s waiting for you to make the call.

2. Find the Cool/Unknown/Non-Tourist Spots and Hang Out There

For instance, I know of this beach. It’s hard to get to – you literally have to shimmy down a 30-foot rope to reach it. I went there for a Memorial Day once, and it was the best damn thing ever. Somehow, people had managed to bring some coolers down there, and we drank brewskies in the summer sun without any shirt-tanned tourists.

Find those places in your city, and go there. A lot. Make it your own.

3. Have a “Guy” For Things

Haircut? I know a guy. Craft beer? I got a buddy. Pizza/burger/taco? My friend works at a place.

Be the guy who always has a guy. How? Well, go make friends, of course. Go to your favorite places – restaurants, bars, shops – and make a friend there. You’ll have a connection there, and you can impress your friends with sound advice for good service and a good time.

(Start by giving them a good tip $$)

4. Plan 3-5 Big Events That Everyone Needs to Go To

Festivals. Contests. Fairs. Concerts. Midnight Premieres of summer blockbusters.

Every city will have a number of these must-go events that no one can get tickets to, that everyone heard about, but most people don’t really try to attend.

Look up what’s happening, tell everyone you’re buying them a ticket. Buy their ticket. Have a ballin-good time.

Then have everyone come over to your house for drinks and Mario Kart.

5. Take 1 New Person Out to Coffee a week and Get to Know Them

A buddy of mine started this, and I high-fived him across Facebook. This is how you become The People’s Champion of Summer. Offer to take someone out (not like a date…unless you want it to be), and ask them about their story. Why they are the person they are. Their biggest fears. What you have in common.

Every week.

Not only will you become The People’s Champion, you’ll become a hell of a great person. All these ideas take guts, creativity, motivation, and moxie.

Are you up for the challenge?


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  1. Todd Foley says:

    #6. Live out the featured picture by yelling “THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAAAAA!”

  2. Geez, I don’t do any of this stuff. I need a ‘guy’ that can help me plan all this.

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