How to Stop Caffeinating and Sleep Great After College

Hang out in StarbuckI’ve had a rough relationship with sleep.

Truth be told, I’ve never had an easy time falling asleep. Since I’m always tired from staying up late/waking up early, I drink coffee. A lot of coffee. Maybe… 4-6 cups a day now? Give or take. Plus energy drinks (which I’ve recently been drinking again).

I feel I’ve lived my life in a state of perpetual mild-exhaustion, save for those few minutes after I sip my beverage of choice and feel the jitters. I mean, they’re great – but I’m always tired. And you are too, because you’re just like me.

Well, as a guy who considers it a miracle to make it to noon without caffeine, here’s what I’ve learned on how to stop relying on caffeine to wake up and sleep better in the real world.

Getting “enough sleep” isn’t crucial.

Some might say it is. It fosters creativity and makes you beautiful. And it does. And sleep is important.

But more often than not, college grads let sleep get the better of them. They either waste the entire-first-half of the day after a long night out partying, or sleep in way too late and waste precious hours of their day that could’ve been spent getting healthy, having fun, and generally being more awesome.

There’s a middle line that we need to find here – sleep isn’t crucial, nor is it a commodity. It’s a tool that can be used or wasted.

Drinking coffee and red bull is super fun, but super unproductive.

I’ve said that I’ll never turn down a free cup of coffee. Even if it’s like, 10 p.m., because caffeine has come full circle and almost puts me to sleep now anyways.

I love getting jacked. I hype up on monsters, red bulls, and crappy free coffee at work almost every day. It doesn’t make me as productive as I could be, though. It doesn’t make me as effective. Not for long.

For someone like me who has a lot of goals – make StuffGradsLike (and my online Professional Graduate curriculum I’ve been working on) the best tool for college graduates to succeed after college, I’m going to need more than a cup of joe. Or 5.

I need real rest.

What’s your best piece of advice for getting great sleep while still being a slave to the bean?

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  1. I can seriously say I have no recollection of ever having coffee my entire life. I plan my day though so that I try to be in bed by 8:30, I get up at around 4:30 each day. I’ve never been a night owl. I spent a week in Haiti last year, most r without electricity, they have to go to bed soon after sunset, there’s nothing to do if u can’t see anything.

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