Certified Beer Server: What Barely Passing Taught Me About Success

Ahh, the colors of fall. A picturesque autumn afternoon bike ride and enjoyment at @confluencebrew.

I’m going to tell you 2 of the most well-kept secrets I have.

1. When I graduated college, I told everyone I had a 3.0 GPA.
Secretly: it was actually a 2.99 GPA. 

2. Ever since high school, I was 6′ feet tall. I had measured myself countless times.
Secretly: I went to the doctor a few years ago, and they measured my height. I’m actually only 5′ 11″ and 3/4’s of an inch. 

There. You know my terrible secrets.

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What to Do When You Realize That No, You Didn’t Win the $1.5 Billion Powerball

Photo of the Day Project 2016, Jan. 10: Powerball now worth more than $1 BILLION

On the night of January 9th, a group of coworkers working at an average-priced Italian restaurant in New Jersey waited casually to read whether or not they had won the $1.5 billion dollar powerball lottery. They knew the odds of winning were around 1 in 292 million, but hey – lottery tickets were a paltry $2 each.

A member of the group logged on to the powerball website. They read the numbers. Someone from the group started in disbelief – they had those numbers.

They read the numbers again.


They had the $ 1-billion-dollar-winning lottery ticket.

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When All the Books You Read Are Written By Impressive, Handsome, Accomplished People and You’re…Not

I accidentally brought money to a book sale.

It seems to me that every person who’s doing what I want to be doing – making a living writing inspirational books, blogging to thousands of followers, speaking to sold-out crowds – all have this ballin’ ass background.

They set a world record in some physical feat; racking up 400+ receiving yards in a professional NCAA football game, for instance. Maybe they won an Olympic medal or two. Almost all of them have a huge following and make a ton of money, which proves their expertise and yells “HEY YOU I’M RELEVANT” in your awestruck face.

Even the smaller fish have a lot going on. They built a blog that gained 100,000 followers in their first year. They created a product that hundreds of thousands of people bought. Also, they used to be face models. Obviously.

I’m not those things. Most of the time, I feel wildly insecure about that.

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Making Friends When All Your College Friends Have Moved and You’re Lonely Until Your Wife Gets Home

Alone in splendour

I’ve recently gotten into craft beer. I live in San Diego, and we’re basically the craft beer capital of the galaxy. My palate has gradually changed from if-it’s-not-pink-zinfandel-I’m-not-interested to I-wonder-if-I-can-mix-black-coffee-bourbon-and-a-double-IPA-together.  [Read more…]

The Key to Your Personal and Professional Success in 2016

Why Sous Vide? — Consistency

“Consistency is far better than moments of greatness.” –Scott Ginsberg

There’s this blogger I follow on Facebook. I follow a lot of bloggers.

He posted a status last night. “Just an update about the blog for this past year! I had over 700,000 visitors. I had almost 30,000 views on my biggest day! Thanks for all the love!” Something like that.

The post had already gotten dozens of likes by the time I saw it. I scrolled through the comments. “Congratulations! What’s the one key to blogging success you can share with us??”

He wrote back:

“Find your niche, and be consistent with quality content.”

I spent the next hour torturing myself over this line. [Read more…]

Interview With an Addict: Why Resolutions Don’t Work

New Year's resolution

Robin is a friend of mine, from church (I’ve changed his name to keep his anonymity). We’ve known each other for almost 4 years. He doesn’t tell most people this, but he’s a recovering drug addict.

He has nearly 4 years of sobriety. He’s been working through a 12-step program for drug addiction; he has a sponsor, and he sponsors others himself. He’s changed from being a drug addict to a healthy, happy, and healed person.

I asked Robin if I could pick his brain on the similarities between getting sober and maintaining new year’s resolutions. Both are admirable goals; but how is it that people like Robin can become sober from the most addictive drugs in the world, yet most individuals who earnestly and eagerly set New Year’s resolutions can’t seem to stick with them for more than a month?

Here’s what he said. [Read more…]

Why Quiche is the Answer to Your Unfulfillment

quiche squircle

I don’t know what quiche is.

When I had this blog idea, I had to Google how to spell it. I typed in something like “K-E-I-C-H…E?”

I mean, I kinda know what it is. Sorta. It’s made of eggs, right? And green, gross stuff? Yeah, that’s right. It’s like an egg pie.

Sounds awful. [Read more…]

I Really Don’t Want to Go to Physical Therapy

a way to a healthy life

I went to the dentist today. I hate the dentist. hatehatehatehateHATE

They always make me feel like my teeth haven’t been brushed since they last dissected, poked, prodded, and harassed me mouth with pointy needles. “You really need to floss, these teeth do not look good at all” they scold me.

I don’t leave the dentist feeling refreshed. I don’t leave feeling good about my teeth. I go into the dentist expecting an emotional (and physical) MMA cage match against the sharp words and sharper drills of my dentist.

How about this guy just gets a new dentist, huh? Geez. What a wimp. [Read more…]

Why I Write When I Don’t Want to Write

Laptop Keyboard

I haven’t wanted to write for many months.

“I’ve lost the spark!” I would cry out, defending myself. “It’s tedious! I have nothing to say. I’m tapped out. Done. There are a million better blogs on life in your 20’s out there, and they’re full of interesting, better writing than mine. So it’s just as well.”

Ugh, the thought of posting “publish” again was nauseating. No one reads my blogs, I tell myself. No one shares it on social media. No one can even be bothered to stay on my blog post for longer than 2.3 seconds, according to my analytics page. [Read more…]

My Inspiration is Gone and I’m Depressingly Unfulfilled

Alone On The Foreshore

I mean, I don’t know.

Nearly 3 years ago, StuffGradsLike started as a Twitter account. There was no website, no blogs, no nothin’. Just some dumb thoughts about post-college life I thought were clever.

Then, it began to build momentum. I started a WordPress blog, and I wanted to write. I wanted to write about post-college life, and to help college graduates who were struggling. I had struggled – miraculously, I landed a full-time job as a writer with my English degree. I had also recently taken the famous personality test, StrengthsFinder. My results said that I would be a great fit for teaching, counseling, coaching, and mentoring types of jobs. [Read more…]

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