Don’t Make “Feeling Nice” a Goal

“So you were born to feel ‘nice’?” -Marcus Aurelius

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Why I Bought a Book Instead of a Beer

Actually, 2 beers. [Read more…]

Why Being Honest and Failing Is Better Than Lying and Succeeding

The other day, I was asked a question at work that, if answered truthfully, would make me look bad. [Read more…]

Webinar: How to Live an Extraordinary Life

StuffGradsLike is hosting our first-ever webinar!! [Read more…]

1 Lesson I Learned After Losing ₩10,000 Won in Poker

“The goal is progress, not perfection.” -Alcoholics Anonymous

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The First Day of Building Momentum

“Don’t worry about the output when you’re trying to build momentum. Instead, just get yourself to do whatever you feel you need to do.” -Benjamin Hardy

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I’m Scared of Being a Successful Entrepreneur

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The Best 6 Books I Read in the Past 6 Months

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When You Feel Tired, Sluggish, Unmotivated, and Slow

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The Worst Part About Jobs in Your 20’s

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