2 Game-Changing Changes Tired, Lazy, Discouraged College Grads Need to Make

5381288-xsmallCollege grads try lots of changes, but most of them don’t stick.

Perhaps after over drafting their bank account, they finally have “a moment of clarity” and realize they need a budget. Or maybe upon realizing that you watched 14 hours of Netflix in 2 days, you decide to cancel you account. Other things.

The thing is, once you:

  • get your next paycheck
  • once you get bored
  • once things start getting too difficult for comfort

…these “changes” disappear. You go right back to spending a fortune on drinks and food; you spend yet another whole Saturday watching Breaking Bad or Sherlock.

If you’re discouraged, lazy, bored, and none of the changes you tried actually stuck, try on these 2 game-changing changes for size.

1. Start taking 5 minute ice-cold showers

“If you can’t do something uncomfortable and difficult for 5 minutes in the shower – how the hell are you going to do something uncomfortable or difficult in real life?”

That’s what the cool folks at Impossible HQ challenge you to do with their Cold Shower Therapy. Why? Because a daily 5 minute ice.cold.freezing shower is exactly the kind of kick in the face you need if you’re looking for a game-changing change.

“Well, hold on,” you might think. Surely the potential hypothermia and shrinking nether regions of the body won’t make any significant change other than freezing me to death.

Wrong. It will.

Taking a 5 minute ice-cold shower is deeper than that. It teaches you (I daresay) that the things we fear aren’t as bad as we think they are.

Our crippling dread of the unknown puts a limit on ourselves far stronger than any obstacle we actually face.

Still don’t believe me? Read the dozens of comments from people who actually started the challenge only to find their lives – friendships, self-confidence, boldness – change dramatically.

2. Start waking up at 5 a.m. to write/journal

Based on a general consensus, I’d have to say that 90% of all college grads aren’t morning people.

I’m sure not.

For me, I can remain friendly enough at 5 a.m. (as long as no one touches me, talks to me, or asks me to do anything).

I know most of you are going to skim this point because, hey. I ain’t Superman, and I need my sleep. It’s a fact. This whole 5 a.m. stuff is just fluff.

Well, maybe it is. But we’re talking about game-changing changes here, and this is definitely just that. More than just “waking up” and sitting around the house for 2 hours before you have to go to work, you need to journal. You need to write, even if you’re not a writer.

This creates inner dialogue with yourself that you may never have time to experience. Writing down…

  • How you feel about today
  • How you felt about yesterday
  • Any story, film, TV, or novel ideas
  • Goals, dreams, ideas, brainstorming
  • Hilarious jokes you want to try with your cute coworker

…really helps you become a better person who is more in-tune with themselves.

Need help? Find out the best way to wake up without wanting to blow up the world.

What do you want to change?

Sure, taking cold showers and waking up before sunrise might seem like chump change, but over time, chump change adds up. And it becomes a lot of change. (Want to tweet that?)

If you’ve been looking for changes that stick, try on these 2 for size. Like many before you, you’ll find that the most significant developments are the ones that are pretty extreme and take a while to do.



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  1. Oh buddy. Both sound painful. And reminiscent of personal habits during the most kick-butt times in my life. Okay, I’m in…5am cold shower, journaling, and–who knows–maybe even laundry tomorrow.

    • Anthony Moore says:

      Haha, that’d be a good start. Dude, let us know how the 5am showers work!

      • Jordan Hayes says:

        Super-belated follow up! A friend advised that because my sleep schedule was already so out-of-whack, maybe it would be smart to try baby steps and get a normal schedule before diving into 5am dailies. I haven’t made it to sunrise wake-ups yet, but a consistent 7am schedule is so much better than the roller coaster it used to be!

        • Anthony Moore says:

          That’s awesome to hear, man! Yeah, I have a terrible tendency to start with a CRAZY schedule out of NOWHERE that fails every freakin time. Start small, build up!

  2. The 5 AM thing I definitely recommend, with the added qualifier of making sure you sleep in at least one day a week. Of course, getting up at 5 AM means you gotta get to bed earlier. I was just in Haiti, where lots of people don’t have electricity, so there aren’t many options after the sunset. They’re forced to go to bed early. The cold shower thing I did for awhile for triathlon preparation during the winter/spring months to help you acclimate better to cold ocean swimming. I would just spend the last minute of the shower with the cold water on. So I guess this means you’re gonna join me at the Jan 1st Polar Bear Swim at La Jolla Shores at 10 AM, right Anthony? Come on, time to test your theory in 58 degree water! Both of these are tough to do if you’re not used to it, but the body adjusts to it eventually.

  3. Lazy, discouraged, bored… You’ve described me perfectly, haha. I didn’t used to be this way. If only I were still in college I would be more likely to accomplish things! Interesting suggestions on breaking the monotony and actually sticking with a plan. Both of these sound horrible. But I guess if you can do these things on a regular basis, you can do anything, right?

    • Anthony Moore says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Lauren! You know what, I think a lot of grads can relate, so you’re not alone. I definitely can! And yes, they both are horrible. But if you want an awful lot of change, you gotta be willing to do some awful things (like waking up at 5 am!)

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