Why No One Reads New Blogs or Goes to Church Anymore


I heard a piece of advice for new pastors:

“Just preach. Just keep preaching. You’re going to have some terrible sermons, but keep preaching. It’s the only way you’ll get better at it.”

Hi, I’m Anthony.

And that piece of advice really stuck out to me in regards to my blog. I haven’t been posting. All y’all can’t see all the draft of articles that I started and nearly finished, but didn’t post because they weren’t PERFECT. They were too potentially-offensive, too recklessly-generalizing, too not-good. So I didn’t post.

Well, here I am. Hello!

I guess I’m trying to make StuffGradsLike more personal. There’s a guy behind the curtain, sitting at his empty desk typing away while his roommates whisper to their visiting friends about their weird-quiet-roommate. Rightly so.

Anyways, I’m writing to just write (trying to get better at it) and for starters on getting-personal, here’s a little more about your favorite post-college blogger.

  • I just got engaged! (To my best friend! We’re so adorable, baby kittens playing with miniature balls of yarn groan in disgust)
  • I produced an eBook! (Exclusively for StuffGradsLike! Get your copy of Job Hunt: Getting an Awesome Job After College right meow)
  • I’m broke and unemployed! (See: just got engaged)
  • Actually, I’ll be starting my new job soon in the…wait for it: CAREER COUNSELING FIELD! My dream/thank you Jesus/#5monthjobsearch)

There ya have it. Lil’ glimpse into my awesome life. You may be thinking, “Wow, that guy is crazy for proposing with no money or no job!” You are right. You may also be thinking, “Hey, where are all the cool ‘list-posts’ that made StuffGradsLike so famous? This is lame!” This is an erroneous question because I don’t get enough traffic to matter! Hooray!

But all that’s gonna CHANGE if I just freaking ;lkajsd;fklajsdf POST ARTICLES.

And you should, too. 

Not post articles, necessarily – not give sermons necessarily, either. But hey, if there’s a skill that you’re working on (maybe it’s entering your first powerlifting competition – I’m just kidding, but my friend is actually that guy right now), how about just doing it? Over and over and over and over and….over and over and stuff. It’s gonna be crappy at times, sure! But how do you get better at things? By doing them, of course!

I’m told by famous authors and bloggers to give a “call to action” at the end of articles (heck, I’d do anything those fellas say). So here goes.

PRACTICE YOUR PASSION for once. Start today. Just write that blog/make that website/sign up for that lesson. 

And tell us! What’s the one thing you’re going to start today?

For me, it’s write this blog and don’t panic into a self-loathing frenzy about how no one reads my articles anymore! Wooo!



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  1. I realize there are things in my life I try to avoid because I don’t feel I’m good at doing them. But if I continue to avoid those things, then I’ll never improve. Work against that uneasiness, dare to fail. My ultimate example is Jesus, He was rejected by almost everyone around Him, but He pressed on despite the circumstances…and He tells me in His Word that I will experience many troubles in this life, no exceptions. One day at a time…

  2. William Justin says:

    thanks for the laugh Anthony.
    nice personal piece.
    and congratulations!

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