Buyer’s Remorse: The Life You Thought You Wanted in Your 20s

I know, I know. I’ve missed you, too.

You may have thought StuffGradsLike had been trapped in a cell in Bulgaria for the past month, anxiously waiting for Liam Neeson to rescue me from my kidnappers.
Buyer's Remorse Cover Final

Well…you were right.

….I’m just kidding.

No! StuffGradsLike has been ramping up for the release of its 2nd eBook…

Buyer’s Remorse: The Life You Thought You Wanted in Your 20s.

I know. I’m so excited I can’t breathe either.

Well, the real reason I’m having trouble breathing is the amount of work I’ve had to do for this book; networking with dozens of other bloggers, writing guest posts for them promoting the release of the book, and and figuring out the labyrinth of formatting issues on Amazon (oh, and editing the book for a 22nd time).

Well…it’s finally here!

StuffGradsLike is proud to present the first chapter of the the all-new-mint-condition-fresh-outta-the-box eBook:

Buyer’s Remorse: The Life You Thought You Wanted in Your 20s

What the book is about:

Many of us spent the early years of our 20s stuck in classrooms, over-caffeinated and under stress. College was tough; but we were told all the essays, finals, and student loans would be worth it.

Then, we finally landed our first “real” job. We thought it was everything we wanted – full-time, decent salary, maybe even free coffee in the break room. But for many of us, an overwhelming sensation of buyer’s remorse crashed over us in a wave of disappointment and disillusionment.

The worst part of it all? It kept happening. No matter what job we chose, no matter where we worked, the feeling of buyer’s remorse followed us everywhere. The constant cycle of work-hard-to-make-it wasn’t paying off; we became more exhausted and more frustrated than ever. “Will I ever find a job I won’t hate?” we asked ourselves in desperation.

“Buyer’s Remorse: The Life You Thought You Wanted in Your 20s” sets out to give you answers on the perpetual disappointment and unfulfillment you’ve been experiencing in your 20s and beyond. There’s good news – the cycle will end, and you can make your 20s a period of discovery, advancement, and solutions instead of a time of confusion, frustration, and never-ending self-doubt. Buyer’s Remorse isn’t an inescapable trap; it’s an opportunity for growth.

Read the first chapter here. 

Then buy the book here.

On the fence? Well, I can tell you now for the price of a tall mocha, your purchase will fill me with a sense of fulfillment, elation, and relief way more than $2.99 should.


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  1. Just finished reading your first chapter! Even though I’m in my early 30s, I think it’ll still touches a part of me. Also started reading a new book today called “In the Kingdom of Ice”, it’s about an Arctic exploration trip in the late 1800s.

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