How I Stopped Being Terrified to Get Out of Bed and Go to Work

Young sleepy man rubbing his eyes while sitting on bed at homeHave you ever been terrified to get out of bed?

Literally terrified.

I’ve started working a sales job. I wouldn’t say I’m a salesman, though. Actually, I would have never said that my whole life. I stutter and stammer, I fold at the first objection raised, I think bargaining and bartering is the worst thing in the world.

I started to feel the pressure either being good at my job or bad at my job these past few months. I would feel it when I woke up to another 9 hour day of making phone calls and expecting to close deals and sell people stuff. I can’t!

Here’s black-and-white thinking:

My numbers are low. That means I’m a bad worker. They’re going to fire me for being a bad worker. I’m terrible at my job, and they’re going to fire me. Probably soon. And rightly so.

So, yeah. I would wake up dreading work. My stomach was heavy, full of bricks and ice water. I would have to convince myself all day that I’m not a terrible worker, but the numbers are there, it’s irrefutable proof that I’m no good.

That’s black-and-white thinking. And if we think that way, we’ll wake up terrified of life.

Black-and-white thinking tricks us into hating ourselves and believing that we’re really as bad and no-good as we fear we are.

It’s not true.

It’s not true for my job, either.

Now, I wake up not being afraid to go to work in the morning, when I used to not even 2 months ago. Why? Because once I step back into the “gray area” of things, I see that the truth:

I’m a hecka hard worker.

I come in early, I stay late.

I’m coachable.

I’m a loyal, compassionate worker with integrity and trust.

If I can’t meet quotas, it’s not that I’m no good – I’m just not a good fit for the job. Which is fine.

What areas of your life do you need to stop thinking in black-and-white?


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  1. Todd Foley says:

    Amen brother! I felt a lot of the same emotions with starting up a new job 6 months ago. What I’ve tried to do is to speak truth into my life rather than live in fear about a future failing that may not even happen. It’s tough getting out of a cycle of fear and anxiety, but speaking truth helps to alleviate those stresses.

    • Anthony Moore says:

      Thanks Todd!! Good to hear from you, brother. I’ve done similar things – write down the truth and believe it, even telling myself over and over again, if necessary. That’s an EXCELLENT point.

  2. I’m in massage therapy school part time. My thinking…the quality of my work is dependent on the last person I worked on, and I throw out all my previous work. I need to have confidence that I can help people heal themselves, but not get discouraged when things don’t go that way.

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