Your job sucks.

If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

It’s OK though. You’ve come to the right place.

My name’s Anthony Moore, founder of StuffGradsLike. I specialize in helping people (especially college grads in their 20’s) get out of work they hate and find meaningful work. Work they love, work they’re passionate about. Not just work you “don’t hate,” either – work you like. Work you really like. My goal is to turn you into that person at the bar your friend’s friend brought who can’t stop talking about their job, because they love it so much.

I remember sitting down with my first ever career counselor right after college. I was working at a full-time job that was perfect but on paper, but for some reason, I just…hated it there.

“Will I ever get a job I don’t hate?” I asked her, exasperated.

She said yes, but I didn’t believe her. It would be another 4 years until I finally decided, “no more.” No more jerk bosses or dysfunctional teams, no more begging for a few days of PTO, no more 60-minute commutes 10 times a week to & from a place I didn’t even want to be. I decided I was going to help people like me, who were stuck at jobs they hated for years and had no idea what to do. I was going to help them find meaningful work. No more desk zombies, no more working for the weekend.

If you hate your job but don’t know what to do about it, know this: it’s going to get better, and very soon. I’ve been there, and I know how to get out.

Right now, my wife (the amor de mi vida, my best friend in the entire damned world) and I are 100% debt-free, with a substantial sum in our savings account. We’re living in South Korea, teaching English to kids and traveling the world on our spare time. I have a Masters degree in Psychology (Career Management & Counseling), I’ve published a few eBooks, and my real passion is helping you leave that job for a far better one.

StuffGradsLike is all about helping you leave that job and find meaningful work, no matter what.

See you in the blog-o-sphere. (Is that a word? Yes? Cool, thanks.)


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