4 Essential Social Media Rules That Will Get You Hired

Want to get hired? Let’s get down to business. Follow these 4 essential social media tips, and you’ll be riding the gravy train with an extra helping of biscuits.

1. Get Your LinkedIn Account Already

LinkedIn is the VCR of social media – only old people use it, and they don’t want to upgrade. They don’t care that everyone else has a Blu-ray (i.e., Facebook).

But! As a recent college grad, LinkedIn can be your best friend. How? Well, of the 150 million LinkedIn users around the world, barely 20% (that’s 1 in 5) are under 24 years old

Ok, so what? So, that means that when the recruiters, hiring managers, CEO’s and supervisors (which is basically the other 80% of people on LinkedIn) decide to log in and see what qualified, employable, bright-eyed young whippersnappers are looking for a job at their company, 80% of your competition doesn’t even exist. 

While your friends are busy watching cat videos, fail blog, and general stalking of their ex’s, you’re going to have your professional LinkedIn profile prepared. And it’s easy! Upload your resume, get a nice-lookin’ picture of yourself in some socially-acceptable-business-casual-threads, mention a few things about how cool you are, and BAM.

Get on it.

2. Get on Google+ (Even Though No One Else Is)

I know, I’ve barely heard of it either.

No one’s on Google+, so why even bother? I already have a Facebook, a polished LinkedIn profile, a Twitter that I never use, a Snapchat that I compulsively use, and my Instagram’s been getting some good feedback recently – who needs another social media outlet? Well. That’s exactly why you need to get on, now.

Twitter was a no-name-no-one-cares company in 2006. In 2008, Twitter has a million Tweets a day. Today, there are over 340 million daily tweets. Holy hashtags, Batman!

Dorie Clark of Forbes says this: ““People who are ignoring it are falling behind. You can leap ahead” by engaging and making a Google+ account now, just like early Twitter followers did.

Bottom line: Google is the unquestioned-juggernaut-He-man of the Internet, and if they want to get a big tasty piece of the cake that is social media, they’re going to do it. They currently have enormous pull over what names, companies, profiles, and people come up on search engine results, and Google+ has proven to be the biggest factor on what comes up.

Odds are, Google+ will make its big break on social media soon – they actually have some pretty cool features that Google is dying for people to use. Best to get one now and beat the rush, especially if you have a website or name that you want on that first page of search results.

3. Delete Most of Your Facebook 

Let’s do an exercise. Go onto your Facebook, right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Click on your profile page, copy the URL, and log out. Now paste it in. This is what the majority of non-friends on Facebook will see of you. What do you see? Probably random “likes”, maybe your favorite movies, some old pictures from some random album you uploaded as an underclassman. Yikes.

Question: if the hiring manager for your dream job saw this page, what would they see? Would they hire you?

Would you hire you?

There are some things on Facebook better left unsaid and unseen.

First thing’s first: odds are, you’ve probably “liked” some pretty dumb things in the past – some hunky model fan page, some scantily-clad picture of some hot actress, or worse: the “not giving a f$%k about anything!” fan page. Uh-oh.

Comb through your old likes, fan pages, groups, profile pictures (this one’s huge), tagged pictures (also huge), and make sure you’re not flipping off the camera at some college rager or puking behind some dumpster in an album entitled “Best summer vacation ever: Part 2.”

4. [email protected]

If there is one thing that will cause your application to be thrown in the trash instantaneously, it is the fact that you wrote it in size 4 font. Or that your email belongs to a 4th grader.

Get a real one. [email protected] is stupendous. If I had kept my email ([email protected]), can you imagine?

I don’t even want to think about it.


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  1. Or better yet, delete your Facebook altogether–‘that guy who doesn’t have facebook’

  2. Google+? Really? I haven’t been able to compel myself to get on there, but you make a good case for it.. One more thing to do! Thanks a lot Anthony! (Great post 🙂 )

  3. Totally digging your blog, Anthony!


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