Job Hunt: Getting an Awesome Job After College


How to Do What You’re Afraid to Do

About to Jump

I always think watching the last episode of a TV show season will get me up off my butt. Yeah right. Don Draper is just too interesting.

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Man, I have been so afraid of stuff recently. And not just things that go bump in the night (talk about SCARY, I mean, what could POSSIBLY BE MAKING THAT NOISE), but more important things.

For instance:

Look, I’ll just tell you now. The next step of StuffGradsLike is to launch my online curriculum for college grads. I started writing the curriculum (me, Anthony) about 6 months ago and……yeah I haven’t touched it since. I’m terrified. [Read more...]

3 Lessons From An Awkward-Silence-Filled Coffee Meetup With Someone I Met on LinkedIn

office_719_holly_proposesMost college grads aren’t comfortable with meeting complete-working-professional-strangers. It’s like a blind date where you talk about work. And job history. And TPS reports.

5 Lessons You Gotta Know Anyways

Still, it’s important you know how to do this. Networking doesn’t come easy to a lot of people – that’s cool. Here are 3 lessons I learned from a particularly awkward networking meeting that’ll help you crawl out from that rock you’ve been living under since high school graduation. [Read more...]

Why No One Reads New Blogs or Goes to Church Anymore


I heard a piece of advice for new pastors:

“Just preach. Just keep preaching. You’re going to have some terrible sermons, but keep preaching. It’s the only way you’ll get better at it.”

Hi, I’m Anthony.

And that piece of advice really stuck out to me in regards to my blog. I haven’t been posting. All y’all can’t see all the draft of articles that I started and nearly finished, but didn’t post because they weren’t PERFECT. They were too potentially-offensive, too recklessly-generalizing, too not-good. So I didn’t post.

Well, here I am. Hello! [Read more...]

Why I Didn’t Savagely Yell at the Unemployment Office When They Told Me I Wasn’t Going to Get My 5 Months of Unemployment Money

I got laid off about 5 months ago.

You all know how hard the job market is – after conducting countless informational interviews, applying to dozens of jobs every week, cold calling, cold emailing, asking around, the best I could show for it was doing freelance writing for a sketchy law firm and getting “laid off” (again) after 2 days of working at a small marketing company because they “found a better candidate.” [Read more...]

Why Emotional Entrepreneurs Are Better Than Their Counterparts

Mr. Burns - Simpsons collections by Kidrobot

For over 80 years, C. Montgomery Burns ruled as king of the titans of industry in the fictional world of The Simpsons.

Although he’s best known for being the chairman and CEO of Springfield’s Nuclear Power Plant, he’s also been an oil tycoon, a casino owner (and once, he even blocked out the sun to make citizens pay more for electricity). What’s his best advice for other would-be industrialists?

I’ll keep it short and sweet,” says Burns. “Family. Religion. Friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business. When opportunity knocks, you don’t want to be driving to a maternity hospital or sitting in some phony-baloney church. Or synagogue.[Read more...]

3 Consequences of Not Doing What You Love After College

jogging on the beach

Life after college is hardly as glamourous as we might’ve wished – instead of finding yourself at a well-paid, important position with your own desk and an Audi, your main daily activities include watching Breaking Bad and breaking your record of most-oreos-in-one-sitting.

You find yourself in a literal draught of job offers (despite your 70 daily applications); your friends seem to have turned into workaholics who are never available to hang out anymore, and your bills are determined to keep your checkings account below $10. [Read more...]

4 Useful Tricks to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

To Do's

I don’t remember any of my New Year’s Resolutions.

Like, ever.

My problem is, I tell myself I’m going to stop drinking coffee entirely (when I’m desperately trying to stay under 6 cups a day – I know, that’s probably bad for me or something).

I promise myself I’m going to do 200 pushups and crunches every day (when I haven’t hit the gym in…well, probably since the last Hobbit movie).

Most college grads bite off more than they can chew, and they drop their resolutions like it’s hot before Valentine’s Day rolls around. With the success rate of achieving your New Year’s Resolutions hovering at a little under %10, here are 4 useful tricks to actually keep your resolutions without reverting back into the dollar-menu-junkie shopaholic you’re trying to change. [Read more...]

The 5 Worst Types of Christmas Scrooges

1. I-Won’t-Eat-Holiday-Foods

[Read more...]

5 Ways College Grads Might Be Worse Than Gollum


I just watched The Hobbit, and I’m seeing the second one today. IT’S SO GOOD. The music, the story, the action…augh.

We all know Gollum. He’s the creepy, crawly creature that’s trying to get his precious back – the one ring. His meaning of life. His addiction. His identity. HIS SOUL.

Well, I was watching Gollum scamper around, and I couldn’t help but notice that college grads can look a lot like Gollum. No, not (necessarily) because they eat goblins and have 9 teeth; in more subtle ways.

1. They’re Perfectly Content With Their Bleak, Meaningless Lives [Read more...]

3 Ways to Stop Losing at “The Comparison Game”


I was getting ready to go to sleep last night, but I saw a picture of a friend’s friend on Facebook. Normally I would’ve kept scrolling, but I couldn’t help but pause.

He was holding a bottle of expensive champagne in front of his yacht. His yacht. The guy owns a yacht, people.

Of course I had to keep scrolling, because I was just gettin’ started on my resentment. [Read more...]

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