Job Hunt: Getting an Awesome Job After College


Here’s Why You Need to Stop Criticizing, Condemning, and Complaining By the End of the Week

thoughtI criticize all the time. I complain about everything. It’s so easy, it’s like breathing. Only, easier.

I’m in love with it. It makes me feel so good, to think about why my boss is terrible and that it’s not my fault. That, actually, might be my favorite part – deflecting the blame through criticizing and complaining. It was too hard, and I wasn’t trained well. If my boss wasn’t so demanding, I’d be more successful. 

Just about everyone criticizes, condemns, and complains about stuff. Just about every day.

But we need to stop. Immediately. [Read more...]

How to Respond After Someone Calls You Out in Public

AngryI was called out in public today. And I thought, “I should write a blog about this tonight.”

I was at work, and had just gotten off a phone call wherein I successfully got an irritable, annoyed, angry person to laugh, joke, and be more open to buying our product. Anyone who’s ever done sales knows the magnitude of such an event.

Still, my boss, the greatest salesman who ever darkened the doors of my building, came down on me like Thor’s hammer that I didn’t sell her right then and there. He scolded me in front of my team, and had me repeat what I did wrong. [Read more...]

How to Screw FOMO and Make the Party Come to You

3338827402_75f73604b8_zFor a long time, there were the cool kids. And I needed to be there.

I don’t care where I was. Class project, kegger, birthday party. I needed to be with the cool kids. That’s where it was at. No one else was good enough, and it was a waste of time if I had to spend my time with not-as-cool kids.

I still feel the temptation now, as a working college grad.  [Read more...]

Why I Still Blog After 18 Months

KeyboardI’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now.

I started StuffGradsLike in February 2013 after I took some career and strength assessments that all pointed me to be a coach/counselor/mentor.

That, combined with my compassion for all my fellow college graduates with no money/jobs/hopes, I started a blog about it because I’m a decent writer. [Read more...]

The Truth About Full Time Jobs

Joe settling in.In a way, college is a terrible preparation for a full time job.

In college, you can turn in assignments late! If you’re late to work, you get fired.

You can skip class with relatively little consequences! If you skip work, you get fired.

In college, a lot of stuff is paid for, somehow. If you get free lunch at work, you get fired for stealing BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS TO THIEVES.

Here’s the truth about full time jobs.

1. You spend a lot of time thinking about work [Read more...]

How to Stop Caffeinating and Sleep Great After College

Hang out in StarbuckI’ve had a rough relationship with sleep.

Truth be told, I’ve never had an easy time falling asleep. Since I’m always tired from staying up late/waking up early, I drink coffee. A lot of coffee. Maybe… 4-6 cups a day now? Give or take. Plus energy drinks (which I’ve recently been drinking again).

I feel I’ve lived my life in a state of perpetual mild-exhaustion, save for those few minutes after I sip my beverage of choice and feel the jitters. I mean, they’re great – but I’m always tired. And you are too, because you’re just like me.

Well, as a guy who considers it a miracle to make it to noon without caffeine, here’s what I’ve learned on how to stop relying on caffeine to wake up and sleep better in the real world.

Getting “enough sleep” isn’t crucial. [Read more...]

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How To Accept Criticism (Without Using Your Your Middle Finger)

angry...I wanted to flip someone off today for criticizing me. I mean, it was over email. Still.

I’ve been working for a mentor of mine recently. He owns this super-awesome company that I want to work for some day. He asked me to write some articles for him, which I said I TOTALLY WOULD.

But, I didn’t.

It took me a long time to finish the article. I finally finished it and emailed it, and it was just today that I heard back from him about what he though. His response?

You didn’t turn it in on time. And I had to ask you for it. 

Holy hell.

Well, just about every excuse, every possible scenario, jammed out of my mouth when I read that – some of them very reasonable.

  • I’ve been super busy – I work 50 hours a week!
  • I’m planning a wedding! I don’t have time to for everything
  • He should have KNOWN that, it’s HIS fault, I couldn’t do the work
  • He wasn’t even PAYING me, it’s not like I HAD to turn it in

Etc. [Read more...]

Why Some People Almost Always Have Fulfilling, Prioritized Lives

Window washer, 1968I came to a shocking realization the other day.

There’s a huge difference between what’s important in my life and what is urgent in my life. The difference really makes up a huge part of how fulfilled, motivated, and productive I feel. Here’s my list of the two

Things that are urgent, but not important:

  • Texting people back
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Texting people back again
  • Some phone calls
  • Email

Things that are important, but not urgent: [Read more...]

5 Ways to Be The People’s Champion of Summer (Before It’s Too Late)

Ave Caesar!Summer can be lame. Especially if you work a lot.

Great weather? Too bad you’re in a cubicle. Oh, cool concert? Yeah, it’s on Monday night, and I have to wake up early. Lame.

Worse still, no one does anything it. The complain, they sit around, they watch Netflix, then next thing you know, the nice weather is over and it’s back to regular complaining, same as usual.

Not this summer. Do these 5 things and become The People’s Champion of Summer before it’s too late.

1. Make a Weekly We’re-Doing-This-Cool-Thing Night  [Read more...]

How I Stopped Being Terrified to Get Out of Bed and Go to Work

Young sleepy man rubbing his eyes while sitting on bed at homeHave you ever been terrified to get out of bed?

Literally terrified.

I’ve started working a sales job. I wouldn’t say I’m a salesman, though. Actually, I would have never said that my whole life. I stutter and stammer, I fold at the first objection raised, I think bargaining and bartering is the worst thing in the world.

I started to feel the pressure either being good at my job or bad at my job these past few months. I would feel it when I woke up to another 9 hour day of making phone calls and expecting to close deals and sell people stuff. I can’t!

Here’s black-and-white thinking:

My numbers are low. That means I’m a bad worker. They’re going to fire me for being a bad worker. I’m terrible at my job, and they’re going to fire me. Probably soon. And rightly so. [Read more...]

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